About Imam Bakeer

Imam Bakeer has joined ISGKC recently in August 2019.

  1. He is Al-Azhar University graduate with a Master degree in Quranic Sciences
  2. He has given many Islamic lectures about Islamic affairs like atheism and monotheism
  3. He has Quran memorization Ijazza from the most strongest Sanad in the world, which in fact, there are only 35 Quran readers between him the Prophet (PBUH)
  4. He has been an Imam and prayers leader during Ramadan for more than 15 countries worldwide
  5. He has been organizing and hosting Public TV programs and in the social media since 2009
  6. He has won many world Quran competitions
  7. He has been a Judge to many Quran competitions in America and worldwide
  8. He has been participating in Quranic Recitation Nights in many States in the US and worldwide